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My Wish List

Washington DC Trip

Well we had a pretty nice trip to Washington DC for Brittany’s law school graduation. That is an amazing city and I really think we needed more time to explore, a week just isn’t enough and you feel like you’re rushing through everything. I have a bunch of pictures to sort through and once [...]

Welcome to the world Brandon Keith Clark

Ok, so it’s a few days late I know, but I figured that I should probably make a post about this. My Uncle Keith and Aunt Sally just had a son on January 12th, his name is Brandon Keith Clark, he is 7 pounds 4 ounces, and measured at 20.5 inches tall.

Congratulations you [...]

Since I’d be willing to bet that his site will be updated more often then our site will I wanted to let everyone know that Donovan’s site is up as well. You can get to it through the links on the right or by clicking here to go to

Donovan Bryce Clark

Our son Donovan Bryce Clark was born at 12:15am today 6/13/08. He was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long. I’ve uploaded several photos here.

Baby Shower

So I really dislike the gallery that we have setup and I think I’m going to start shifting all of those pictures over to Picasa. I do already have a page set up there and it’s located here. I have posted some pictures there of the baby shower on the 19th. I also have [...]

Crystal at the Talent Show

[youtube dUhiZJkNusE Crystal at the Talent Show]

Posted a few videos from the Kaweah Delta Talent show on YouTube. You can see the rest of them by clicking on the Mark’s Youtube Page link on the right. Above is Crystal’s solo performance from it.

She’s also in the Bandwidth video doing background [...]