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My Wish List

Updated Nursery Pics

Well the nursery is coming along. Today my dad started sketching out the walls. I posted a few pictures to our nursery album here.

He’s going to start painting them tomorrow so I should have some more pictures to post then.

White Water Rafting with KRE the video.

[youtube rCXlVRXlGOE]

See I told you there’d be video…

White Water Rafting with KRE

I went white water rafting on the Kings River this weekend with Kings River Expeditions again and took a few pictures. I’ve posted them here if you want to take a look. We had a blast, me and one other guy had been before but everyone else in our boat hadn’t. I definitely think the newbies will be going back next year.

Yes I know that I sound like I’m advertising for them but I do have to recommend KRE as the one to go with if you’re here in California. They take damn good care of you, they have a great campsite, the guides know their stuff, and once you’re all done on the river they take care of you in camp. Free happy hour, a good BBQ, and a funny campfire show to round out the night.

I also have a video of our raft that I’ll link to later. I have to get it converted into video file first and then upload the thing somewhere.

Baby Shower

So I really dislike the gallery that we have setup and I think I’m going to start shifting all of those pictures over to Picasa. I do already have a page set up there and it’s located here. I have posted some pictures there of the baby shower on the 19th. I also have a video of us opening presents that I’m converting around and will probably post tomorrow sometime.

Crystal at the Talent Show

[youtube dUhiZJkNusE Crystal at the Talent Show]

Posted a few videos from the Kaweah Delta Talent show on YouTube. You can see the rest of them by clicking on the Mark’s Youtube Page link on the right. Above is Crystal’s solo performance from it.

She’s also in the Bandwidth video doing background vocals along with Dave Gravender.